Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anniversary or Valentine Wreath

I was watching "My Craft Channel" online the other day (as I do every morning with coffee) and Lori Allred was demonstrating some beautiful after-Christmas wreaths. Link to episode here.That got me thinking, my wedding anniversary is in January, and my husband often forgets the date, or the year. I decided to make an Anniversary Wreath to serve as a "subtle" reminder. It's so over the top with glitter and bling, I just love the way it sparkles. Total cost: $12. Total time to make: under 30 Min

Anniversary/Valentine Wreath
Items used;
Purchased at the Dollar store; (Dollar Store Crafts page here) wicker wreath, 24 yards of white tulle, wired ribbon, pink die cut foam hearts
Purchased at an after-holiday %75 off sale at craft store, love birds, white roses, lazer cut wood frame
On-hand, chip board letters and phrase, silver Stickles, silver spray paint, 3in1 glue, hot glue

I wrapped the wicker wreath with 8 yards of tulle, the 2 yards of this white sparkly net stuff (don't know what it's called) the cut and tied the rest of the 16 yards of tulle on one by one. Tied the bows on.

The lazer cut wood frame (spray painted silver) was a lucky find because it's very light weight, and I simply stung it on to the wreath with tulle through the cut-out sections.

I chalked the edges of hearts and letters, and hot glued with foam dots one on top of another.
Hot glued everything else in place.

Do you think my dear husband will notice the date?


  1. I love that this is personalized with your wedding date!

    1. Thanks Carolina, by the way it worked! He remembered. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Heather, it really was a lot fun to make.