Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vegas Theme Ice Show, Part 2

(Contiuation of my last post.)
How cute is this? They skated to the song, "Poker Face" (yes, I edited out the nasty bits.)
We made these hair pieces with cards, hot glue, black tulle, red felt and a clip.
Then dipped them in glitter.


Next up, some "junk bows". Same great clips with tulle cut from spare skirts that they wore. They fluff up really weel when the fabric is a bit stiffer.  We layered 5 rectangles of fabric, tied in center with matching ribbon, and hot glued on to clips.
Here are the other pictures of the full set that I promised last week.  And a backstage picture of  the crew. 

Left to right, Colin, Lylann, Myself, Inga, Jasmin.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Las Vegas Theme Ice Show

For the last 30+ years I do a disappearing act for 5 weeks in the spring. No, it's not a vacation.The only place I can be found is in an ice rink. Planning starts in the Early fall, but rehearsals begin in in the spring. Costumes arrive, hair bows need to be made, hats need elastic, props need paint and glitter, music needs to be edited, the list is very, very, very long. Because I am the director for the show, I really don't have much time for any kind of personal crafting.
This post features the set that my friend Michelle Goodnetter made, from scratch! From plain white 1/4 inch foam board sheets into the awesomeness you see pictured here.
Each of the cards features a Vegas performer. Left to right- Fran Sinatra, Elvis, Cher, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

The dice are wrapped in giant plastic wrap, the kind  the movers use on furniture. We have moved so many times, I happened to have a roll of it at home. It keeps the dice from getting wet and soggy on the ice.
This Magician is soooo adorable!

Tight rope walker is suspended from the ceiling.

I will add a full set photo when we take one this weekend, and I will be posting the how-to on the creative hairpieces, costumes, and design after the shows this weekend - promise.

Here are pictures of the gifts I give to my students to wish them luck on the show. (to be clear, I usually give a little something to all of the kids I teach private lessons to, not all 100 kids in the show). Because I was short on time this year, I shopped for the show theme colors of candy at Party City, filled the cello bags, and voila. Much less time than last year's Movie-themed gifts. The tags are made from playing cards.