Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vegas Theme Ice Show, Part 2

(Contiuation of my last post.)
How cute is this? They skated to the song, "Poker Face" (yes, I edited out the nasty bits.)
We made these hair pieces with cards, hot glue, black tulle, red felt and a clip.
Then dipped them in glitter.


Next up, some "junk bows". Same great clips with tulle cut from spare skirts that they wore. They fluff up really weel when the fabric is a bit stiffer.  We layered 5 rectangles of fabric, tied in center with matching ribbon, and hot glued on to clips.
Here are the other pictures of the full set that I promised last week.  And a backstage picture of  the crew. 

Left to right, Colin, Lylann, Myself, Inga, Jasmin.

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