Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Halloween Costumes

Here I am as Little Bo Peep. The P.J. bottoms have sheep print on them. I added lace and elastic to bottom of legs. Used a full circle of white cotton and elastic for cap. The sheep I had are lost.

Sixties costumes for a Julia Child's dinner party. Thrift store dress, bag and gloves. My husband is in rummage sale t-shirt, and fake-suede fringe vest. 

Our sweet little dog in a child's extra small tutu. Simply cut of the pant portion, and cut away the tule from the under side of the tutu so it doesn't drag on the ground.

Family outing to Ren-Faire "Historical Day". #1 son in Steam-punk beggar clothes, all from rummage sales. Pants are grey medical scrubs that we cut off and frayed. We cut  the t-shirt and threaded a leather cord through for laces.
I'm in Victorian Downton Abby attire. Most found at re-sale shops over the years.
#2 son in Caesar style toga. I hot glued artificial leaves and grapes to a few green pipe cleaners, and twisted them together for head piece. Used white sheet over white t-shirt fastened in strategic places with safety pins, tied with a gold cord. The best part about this outing (for me) was staying up late and putting these costumes together the night before with my boys. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dragon Lady Shoes

Update Dec 21, 2012- I won 3rd place in this contest! Thank  you Dover Books! Here is link to the amazing  page with all artist's work. http://store.doverpublications.com/craft-fantasia-craft-contest.html

These shoes turned out so much better than I could have imagined! This is a project I created for the Dover Publications Craft Fantasia contest. Dover Crafts Facebook Page 
I down loaded clip art from the DoverPictura website. The images are from the "Traditional Chinese Embroidery Designs" and "Chinese Design" books.Then I printed it on Kodak Shoe Art Film and fussy cut.  Then I applied the images to clean dry shoes with the glue stick included with the shoe art film. Voila!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flower Costume

Dollar Store Crafts costume challenge, number two. Yes! I had so much fun with this challenge I made this costume as well as the Mother Nature costume. The items I purchased from Dollar Tree were; Green T-shirt, 8 pairs of Fairy wings, green scrubby mitts, green ribbon, witch hat, fun foam squares, hair scrunchies, and a green curtain/valance.

SKIRT Pin a piece of elastic (cut off of fairy wings) to one side of the valance, and pull the other end through the casing in the top of valance to gather up skirt. Tie elastic ends together.

 Cut top (smaller) part of fairy wings apart from bottom (larger) part and re-shape into petals. Sew each set of two petals at top, onto skirt.Cut fun foam pieces into petal shapes and sew at top, overlapping larger petals.
The top "layer" of the skirt is made of fairy wings re-shaped and tacked/sewn onto green ribbon, tied over t-shirt at hip.

MITTS Cut thumbs off of washing mitts, slip pink scrunchies over cuff. 

HAT Cut point off of witch's hat, sew opening shut. Sew ribbon to inside, underside of brim for tying under chin. Cut apart small portion of with wire cutters. fairy wings and re-shape into petals. Sew petals on by sewing where the wire of the petal meets the wire of the brim of the witch hat. Sew fun foam petals to fabric part of witch hat in between the other petals.

I tucked a spray of pink flowers into the waistband to finish off the look.

Mother Nature Costume

This challenge was really fun! Sponsored by Dollar Tree, this  Dollar Store Crafts  challenge was to create a costume from this purchased at the Dollar Store. I purchased the following; T-shirt, Orange laundry bag, black "creepy cloth" mesh, flower fly swatter, witch hat, green ribbon, fake gourds, black bird, 1 round piece of floral foam and assorted leaves, and flowers. On hand- needle and thread, E6000 glue.
SKIRT Cut the bottom of the laundry bag off, and cut bottom into a decorative petal edge. Use the pull cord to tighten onto waist. (You can see the cord in top of picture below.)Sew or glue on floral vines, leaves and flowers. I recommend sewing if this is to be worn for a while. 

WRAP Put the fabric on and decide where the shoulder will be.  Sew on a large leaf and flowers to the shoulder.
HAT Cut top point off of witches hat. keep about 4 inches to pull up inside the floral foam circle, and glue down. I recommend E6000 or Goop glue. Try on hat and pin ribbon wear needed underneath the brim, then sew on. Use glue to attach leaves and any other florals desired. I drilled holes in the fake gourds and pulled thread through to attach. My favorite addition, the little black bird had wires in it's feet, so I just poked it into the foam.

WAND Use fly swatter as base. Glue on leaves and flowers.

Total cost- only  $15!

I am looking forward to wearing this to my dear friend's 50th Birthday party on Halloween.