Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mother Nature Costume

This challenge was really fun! Sponsored by Dollar Tree, this  Dollar Store Crafts  challenge was to create a costume from this purchased at the Dollar Store. I purchased the following; T-shirt, Orange laundry bag, black "creepy cloth" mesh, flower fly swatter, witch hat, green ribbon, fake gourds, black bird, 1 round piece of floral foam and assorted leaves, and flowers. On hand- needle and thread, E6000 glue.
SKIRT Cut the bottom of the laundry bag off, and cut bottom into a decorative petal edge. Use the pull cord to tighten onto waist. (You can see the cord in top of picture below.)Sew or glue on floral vines, leaves and flowers. I recommend sewing if this is to be worn for a while. 

WRAP Put the fabric on and decide where the shoulder will be.  Sew on a large leaf and flowers to the shoulder.
HAT Cut top point off of witches hat. keep about 4 inches to pull up inside the floral foam circle, and glue down. I recommend E6000 or Goop glue. Try on hat and pin ribbon wear needed underneath the brim, then sew on. Use glue to attach leaves and any other florals desired. I drilled holes in the fake gourds and pulled thread through to attach. My favorite addition, the little black bird had wires in it's feet, so I just poked it into the foam.

WAND Use fly swatter as base. Glue on leaves and flowers.

Total cost- only  $15!

I am looking forward to wearing this to my dear friend's 50th Birthday party on Halloween.

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