Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trash to Treasure Stool, Magnetic Chalkboard, China Cabinet and Frame.

Three items that were meant for the trash, rescued by me! I'm not sure how this post will look online, as it is the first post that I am trying from the iPad. Doesn't seem like I have as many options as to where to place photos and such, and no spell check! Yikes! Here goes...

Adorable old fashioned step stool. It used to be a weird beige color. A few coats of cherry red spray paint give it a new life in my retro home. 
Yep, someone threw this out on the very day we moved in, and happened to have a truck on hand to pick it up. It used to be very dark brown, doors falling off of hinges. My awesome son helped me sand and stain it to a color that matched the rest of our furniture. He also fixed the hinges. We had to use a very white wood stain called "Limed Oak" before two coats of "Honey Maple".
This sweet magnetic chalkboard was once and old baking pan. 3 coats of chalkboard paint and voila! More cute decor for my retro kitchen. 
Last for this post, I was shopping for a card for a friend (yes, I usually make them, but my craft room was in boxes) and I bought myself this card. Went to thrift store same day and found adorable red frame, added gingham ribbon and glued a pearl brad to the top of a flathead nail. 
This says it all...

Trash to Treasure Bulletin Board

About 3 weeks ago we moved into our new home. (That's why no posts for a while) I knew I was going to have my very own craft room, so when I saw this really large frame from an old mirror on the street, I saw (in my head) a new bulletin board, and I had to pick it up. 
I forgot to take a "before" picture, but grabbed my camera and took this picture before it was completely covered with the first coat of Martha Stewart mint green paint.

The next step was painting a second layer of mint green, then a coat of this turquoise green. Because it was on the un-treated wood, it gave a rough surface that was perfect for chalkboard markers (shown in last photo)  After the two coats were dry, I went back in and added a touch of pink with a very flat, very "dry" brush. Then rounded the corners of cork tiles and glued them on.

When finished and hung sideways, it looked so much like a giant tag, I just had to add ribbon and a tassel. 

Looks great in my new craft room!