Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Angel Candle Decoration

Here is one more quick and easy Dollar Store Craft.

Supplies; 5 glitter Angel ornaments
One large led pillar candle and 2 led tea light candles
One small piece of transparency film or velum.
Alcohol markers (sharpies would work as well)
Hot glue, and E6000
With utility scissors, cut off hanging loop on plastic ornaments. Trace around one on to a piece of transparency/velum. Color on the velum however you want to. Cut out, and glue with Goop or E6000 to the back of one ornament, then make a sandwich and glue another on top.
Hot glue the other 3 ornaments at wing tips all the way around.
Take bottom off, and guts out of the large pillar. Replace with a  tea light in the base, and a tea light on top. This gives it a luminous glow all over.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Miniature Christmas Scene

This is a variation on the "Winter Under Glass" decoration. I added a little mood lighting on the inside with a blue led light from a craft store. It gives it a nice glow.

Winter Under Glass

I really had a lot of fun with this month's Dollar Store Crafts Challenge. I have always loved miniatures, so these two projects were a joy to make.
Supplies: Large glass bowls/jars
A few miniature figures and trees
A mirror
An Ornament
A battery powered tea light
A glass tea light holder
Snow felt fabric
Foam square
Artificial flower
Artificial Bird :)
On Hand- Goop, E6000, Tacky Glue, hot glue.
Trace around mirror on to snow felt then cut and glue to mirror. I use Tacky Glue. Then add your figures as you like, I use Goop. While setting to dry, place bowl upside down and use E6000 to glue tea light holder to top, and hot glue for plastic ornament to glass tea light. (It is so important to use the right adhesive for the right material! I'm thinking about adding a blog that;s just about which adhesive to use for what.)
Glue top to base with E6000. (Open a window when you use E6000, it has a strong odor.) If this is a gift, left it air out a couple of days before gifting.

Fall Rose Bouquet made from Leaves

So, here I am Sunday morning waiting for the Turkey to finish cooking (we do Thanksgiving early) and updating this post so that you (dear reader) can add to your fall decor for Thanksgiving. I saw the idea on Pinterest, and updated it a bit. These are leaves found outside, rolled into roses, and hot-glued to Dollar Store Flower stems. This turned out so well, I wish I had saved more time to make a few dozen.

Items used;
Hot Glue
Dollar Store plastic flower stems and leaves (flowers stripped off)
Dollar Store Turkey Vase

Step one, pick up leaves in the colors you like. They are best if just of, or picked off of a tree, because they get too dry to work with.
Fold top of a leave over and add a dab of hot glue to edge, then alternately roll leaf, and add hot glue, repeat. I used 5-6 leaves per flower.
Paint each finished flower with Mod Podge gloss to seal and preserve color.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Graphic45 and the Renaissance Faire

 I'm a paper snob. I have to have beautiful  high quality papers to work with. My current favorite is Graphic45. I actually found myself trying to find pictures to work with the paper instead of the other way around! These two layouts feature pictures taken at the Bristol Reniasance Faire. Many techniques were used including layering papers, chalking edges, wrapping baker's twine, scrunching paper and  crackling watch faces. I had taken a class at the Scrapbook Expo with Leanne Ostergard (follow her on Pinterest or My Craft Channel).
Leanne gave us a tip about using busy paper, it was add more layers! Great tip, thanks! She also mentioned using floral papers for boy pages, and I tried that as well. Turned our great. Just kept the colors muted and added a couple of masculine elements.

Pazzles Inspiration Project

I wish I had taken a picture of this before I framed and gave it as a gift, but I didn't have a blog, or a Pinterest page back then! It is a layered paper cut project that I cut with my Pazzles Inspiration machine. It's from a photograph of my girlfriend and her sweet best friend, Lilly. I uploaded the photo, edited it, vectorized it, and cut several copies out of 4 different colors of paper. Can't wait to try this again, the results were wonderful.