Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Angel Candle Decoration

Here is one more quick and easy Dollar Store Craft.

Supplies; 5 glitter Angel ornaments
One large led pillar candle and 2 led tea light candles
One small piece of transparency film or velum.
Alcohol markers (sharpies would work as well)
Hot glue, and E6000
With utility scissors, cut off hanging loop on plastic ornaments. Trace around one on to a piece of transparency/velum. Color on the velum however you want to. Cut out, and glue with Goop or E6000 to the back of one ornament, then make a sandwich and glue another on top.
Hot glue the other 3 ornaments at wing tips all the way around.
Take bottom off, and guts out of the large pillar. Replace with a  tea light in the base, and a tea light on top. This gives it a luminous glow all over.

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