Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mr. Tweet (T.P. roll recycle challenge)

My Craft Channel posted a "What can you do with toilet paper rolls? " challenge a couple of weeks ago. This is one challenge where my imagination took flight. (Pardon the pun). Anyone remember the Tiki Room song from Disney World? "In the Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room,  in the t.p. t.p. t.p..." kidding.

So I started with a couple of cardboard toilet rolls, craft paper, wooden spools, scrap trim, 3 in1 glue, hot glue, Heidi Swapp Color Shine, chopsticks, washi tape, baker's twine and some google eyes.

1) Cut 2 strips of paper into 6 inch long, t.p. wide strips.
Cut a third color for the beak, half as wide, but 6 in long.

2) Glue paper to cardboard rolls with 3-in 1 glue or a strong craft glue. Hold paper together with paperclips while waiting to dry.

3) Punch holes in the bird/animal (horse?) where the hanging strings (baker's twine), neck and legs will be. Depending on the weight of your construction, this spot may change, so you can test if it hangs right by using a bit of washi tape.(It is re-positionable).
The length of your marionette's neck and legs is up to you. If you want to make a four legged puppet, you may want them shorter.

4) Cut, fold in, and hot glue the beak in place, then the back of head in place.

5) Color Shine in Fuscia and Gold Lame was used on the tail feathers which are an old cotton tassel, and on the feet which are wooden spools.

6) Hot glue on the tail "feathers" and "plumage, the eyes, and the spool feet. I used small tassels for plumage as well.

7) Put dots of hot glue or 3in1 wherever the strings and hole are to give it a solid hold during active play.

8) Attach the string to two chop sticks by tying in place, then holding in position with washi tape (you will need help from someone for this). The chopsticks in this picture have been wrapped in matching washi tape just for a bit of color.

DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE, I forgot to punch holes and put string through before sealing up head and body going back to do it later was kind of messy.

Can't wait till the little guy comes over to play, he will love it!