Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fabulous Blooming Orchids

Haven't posted in a while, actually MONTHS. Work was so very busy this last winter, and then Spring in the new house! I was planting and weeding and growing daily. 
I found I have a green thumb when it comes to house plants, especially my orchids can you believe the blooms on this beauty! 28 buds at last count. I got a tip from a friend to plant it in a clear bowl because the roots love light...yes they do! 
I also think it liked having a friend. This pansy orchid was given to me as a gift in the fall, no matter which way I turned these plants in the window, they kept reaching out to each other. 

For those who want my growing tips, this is a small bay window that faces North. I live in a suburb on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. I water very, very little once a week, and I check that the "feet" aren't standing in water. They don't like standing in water. Ill be splitting the Pansy Orchid in two after it finishes blooming, and will update how that goes. I learned a lot about Orchids on Youtube, great resource for new gardeners.
Off to a garden party...TTFN