Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Badge!

So happy to proudly display my new badge...

Melissa Francis Give Away!

My Craft Channel and Melissa Francis have a contest right now to win $200 worth of beautiful Melissa Francis things!
Just click here to enter, and check out her "how to" episodes while you are there.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner, Bowl, and More

This past summer, my son asked me (yes, he really asked ME) if I wanted to take a ceramics class with him. A chance to spend a couple of hours every Sunday with my 17 year old? Of course! I couldn't imagine anything more fun.
Here are a couple of the finished works.
Rupert with A Book of Runes
I can't take credit for the idea of a dragon incense burner. I saw one at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.
This next project took so much time to figure out. I wanted to re-create a honeycomb paper decoration. You know, the kind that come packed flat and then you open them up and attach the two sides together. They come in bight tissue paper colors. Anyway, very challenging to recreate in clay.

During the class, I remembered why I never liked throwing on the wheel back in my art school days. It's HARD!
I do like glazing. And I enjoyed carving a design around the sides of this bowl.

Finally, I was attempting to make this piece look like it was very ancient, dug up from under a lost city. The technique was fun because I simply pressed a wood cut block into a slab. The I cut the slabs and pressed them together. It's actually not glazed, it's stained with a brush-on, wipe off technique.

I haven't posted my son's work here, at (his request) He is so talented at this, his work is really amazing. You can see it on my Pinterest page. Just click on the "Follow Me.." tab at the top of this page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Glass Paint on Recycled Jelly Jar

Wow! I've been a social media butterfly since I posted last, and it's been a blast! So far, I really enjoy being a My Craft Channel Superfan! I have virtually/digitally connected with 14  wonderful, funny and creative ladies in the group. I'm pinning and posting and tweeting my passion for creative thinking and crafts, and receiving so much inspiration in return.
While internet surfing (a great thing to do in Chicago when it's only 6 degrees outside) I saw a beautiful post on the Plaid Crafts web site and wanted to try it for myself. This is the first attempt using . Gallery Glass Window by Plaid (The makers of Mod Podge).
I was holding on to a couple of really cute jelly jars, and now I know how I want to up-cycle them.
Best thing is this takes about 10 minutes, and dries over night.

1) Plaid's Gallery Glass Paint In Blue Diamond $3.49 ( They have a Martha Stewart version out now, I will try that next)
2) Rinsed out jelly jar
3) Crepe paper trim and blue bird of happiness purchased at Michael's  90% off after Christmas sale (85 cents), fabric flower on hand and hot glue to stick it all onto the lid.
4) Paint Brush

Step One- squeeze paint onto jar in pattern desired. The paint is about the consistency of white school glue and will drip very slowly.
Please check out the blog Something Turquoise  where I was inspired, for directions on covering entire jar.

I wasn't sure how transparent it would dry, and I wanted a little texture, so I thinned it out with a paint brush.
I won't thin it out next time because when dry, it is very sheer and I really like the color.

I did not "cure" the paint in the oven, because I'm not using this for food, and won't be putting in the dishwasher.
The color is just lovely, and even better when on a window ledge in the sun. It's stuffed with tissue for the photo, but I think I'll keep tiny buttons in this sweet little blue jar.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Craft Channel Superfan!

I am very proud to announce that I have been chosen as one of the My Craft Channel  Superfans! I will have the opportunity to test products and projects, participate in craft challenges, and maybe even snag a few bargains! I watch this web show (it's about 5-10 min per show) every weekday morning while having coffee.  I have learned great tips, been inspired by many projects, and purchased some great supplies at fabulous prices. If you haven't checked it out yet, do it now! You can watch the programs at any time of day, and even go back to older episodes and watch those. Just so you know, I'm not getting paid for this, I really love this web channel. Click the link above and check it out now.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anniversary or Valentine Wreath

I was watching "My Craft Channel" online the other day (as I do every morning with coffee) and Lori Allred was demonstrating some beautiful after-Christmas wreaths. Link to episode here.That got me thinking, my wedding anniversary is in January, and my husband often forgets the date, or the year. I decided to make an Anniversary Wreath to serve as a "subtle" reminder. It's so over the top with glitter and bling, I just love the way it sparkles. Total cost: $12. Total time to make: under 30 Min

Anniversary/Valentine Wreath
Items used;
Purchased at the Dollar store; (Dollar Store Crafts page here) wicker wreath, 24 yards of white tulle, wired ribbon, pink die cut foam hearts
Purchased at an after-holiday %75 off sale at craft store, love birds, white roses, lazer cut wood frame
On-hand, chip board letters and phrase, silver Stickles, silver spray paint, 3in1 glue, hot glue

I wrapped the wicker wreath with 8 yards of tulle, the 2 yards of this white sparkly net stuff (don't know what it's called) the cut and tied the rest of the 16 yards of tulle on one by one. Tied the bows on.

The lazer cut wood frame (spray painted silver) was a lucky find because it's very light weight, and I simply stung it on to the wreath with tulle through the cut-out sections.

I chalked the edges of hearts and letters, and hot glued with foam dots one on top of another.
Hot glued everything else in place.

Do you think my dear husband will notice the date?