Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner, Bowl, and More

This past summer, my son asked me (yes, he really asked ME) if I wanted to take a ceramics class with him. A chance to spend a couple of hours every Sunday with my 17 year old? Of course! I couldn't imagine anything more fun.
Here are a couple of the finished works.
Rupert with A Book of Runes
I can't take credit for the idea of a dragon incense burner. I saw one at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.
This next project took so much time to figure out. I wanted to re-create a honeycomb paper decoration. You know, the kind that come packed flat and then you open them up and attach the two sides together. They come in bight tissue paper colors. Anyway, very challenging to recreate in clay.

During the class, I remembered why I never liked throwing on the wheel back in my art school days. It's HARD!
I do like glazing. And I enjoyed carving a design around the sides of this bowl.

Finally, I was attempting to make this piece look like it was very ancient, dug up from under a lost city. The technique was fun because I simply pressed a wood cut block into a slab. The I cut the slabs and pressed them together. It's actually not glazed, it's stained with a brush-on, wipe off technique.

I haven't posted my son's work here, at (his request) He is so talented at this, his work is really amazing. You can see it on my Pinterest page. Just click on the "Follow Me.." tab at the top of this page.

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