Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall Rose Bouquet made from Leaves

So, here I am Sunday morning waiting for the Turkey to finish cooking (we do Thanksgiving early) and updating this post so that you (dear reader) can add to your fall decor for Thanksgiving. I saw the idea on Pinterest, and updated it a bit. These are leaves found outside, rolled into roses, and hot-glued to Dollar Store Flower stems. This turned out so well, I wish I had saved more time to make a few dozen.

Items used;
Hot Glue
Dollar Store plastic flower stems and leaves (flowers stripped off)
Dollar Store Turkey Vase

Step one, pick up leaves in the colors you like. They are best if just of, or picked off of a tree, because they get too dry to work with.
Fold top of a leave over and add a dab of hot glue to edge, then alternately roll leaf, and add hot glue, repeat. I used 5-6 leaves per flower.
Paint each finished flower with Mod Podge gloss to seal and preserve color.

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