Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Butterfly and Ribbon Flower T-Shirt

Dollar Store Crafts fashion challenge, sponsored by Dollar Tree.

I cut a slit from the stop of the shoulder to 2 inches from the bottom of the extra cuff on sleeve to make the "peek-a-boo" sleeve. Leaving the cut edge un-hemmed  worked fine with this shirt, the fabric just rolls in. 

At the Dollar Tree store, I purchased a very large plain blue t-shirt, some ribbon, and a foam butterfly shape. I purchased the larger size because I wanted to re-fashion my shirt so that it would  drape, and I wanted a little longer sleeve. I wear a 10, this is a 5X, cut down and re-fashioned. The pink butterflies are the result of using gel bleach on a foam stamp, and stamping the image. The flowers are hand sewn ribbons. I just love how the bleach faded into a pink color with the periwinkle blue.

Lay your shirt down flat. Decide how much you want to take it in. If it fits the way you want, skip this step. 
I pinned where I wanted to cut before cutting.  
I cut a 3inch strip off around the bottom , to make the extra length in the sleeves.  

The store sells a huge assortment of foam shapes, but this one was actually the lid of a finger paint pot. I just used the lid for stamping.
If you want to  stamp with gel bleach, apply the gel bleach onto the stamp with a brush. When your image has faded to the shade you like, heat set it with an iron, or toss it in the dryer.
There are hundreds of posts (by other creative and talented people) on how to make a ribbon flower, so I will leave that part out of this post.


  1. This is brilliant! It looks nothing like a t-shirt with those peek-a-boo sleeves and the paint. Very fashionable. Love it.

  2. Thank you so much Amy! That is very encouraging for me to hear.