Wednesday, September 5, 2012

$3 Party Purse

This is a fully lined evening bag that I hand sewed. It's made from one table runner and 4 yards of ribbon, all purchased at Dollar Tree. Besides the adorable tassels, the nice thing about using this runner was the length, it's roomy enough to carry my dancing shoes! The black taffeta has a nice sheen to it as well.

Lay out the table runner flat and cut in 1/2.
Put right sides facing together and pin. Leave a 2-3" gap half way down. Do not sew gap together. this will be where the ribbon gets threaded through. Remember to pin up you tassels on the INSIDE so that when you flip it back (right side out) the tassels are there. You could also just cut them off and re-apply.
The shaded portion of the picture above becomes the liner of this bag.
Turn your bag right side out. (Pull it through the 2 inch gap you left). It will be very long, tuck the top half into the bottom half (a s if you are tucking a tube sock toe down towards the sock opening)  
Your bag is now lined, and has two holes on the sides. 
Cut 4 yards of ribbon. Put a large safety pin through the ends of 2 pieces and thread through the holes, all the way around and back out to the other side of your bag. Tie together. Repeat starting on the other side. 
Pull ends, embellish as desired,
and TADA! Cute Party Purse. 


  1. What a great idea!! This would be an awesome holiday gift for those hard-to-please-and-have-everything relatives! Your craftiness (combined with your thriftiness) truly inspires!

  2. I love this idea. It could also double as a gift bag at Christmas and other holidays.