Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anthropology Inpired DIY Fabric Flower Necklace

I get the Anthropology catalog, I have a store very close to me that I wander around in, I never buy anything.  because it's too pricey for my budget (o.k. I'll give them credit for some good sales).  Wandering around upscale stores, thrift stores, even hardware stores for inspiration and then going home to make it, yeah, I'm that person. In high school I fell in love with some bait in a fishing tackle store. They were adorable little painted wood fish with feathers on them. They became earrings.
This charming little piece of eye candy was made by hot gluing rolled fabric flowers to a felt backing. Hung with a gorgeous piece of seam binding, subtly died with Heidi swaps Color Shine Sprays.

Here I am wearing my new favorite necklace.

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  1. I like your necklace too and have made then myself. I put some bling in the middle of some of my flowers. Happy Crafting